Santosa Living Yoga & Bhakti Camp


Blessed Santosa
You give me new life
Rivers of Jasmine cascade o’er my strife
Gaia’s priceless riches
Have filled up my chalice
Like forests of mango
Bow, as Hanuman’s palace
Gayatri sunrises whispered on mists
Oh, Avalon’s ancient and magical gifts
Sweet Aarti honeys, devotion to Love
Babaji, Mataji, guide from above
From within
In every breath let a journey begin
Rite of passage, home-coming
Carried to centre, grounded by drumming
Naked voice flowing
Eye to eye dialogue, Aquarian knowing
GrandMother weaving a new web of time
Spiralling Yuga beyond ‘yours and mine’
We are One
Infinite diversity under the Sun
One family, One tribe
Holding space for us all to thrive
Bountiful, blissful, beautiful PachaMama
Devoted communion of Sister and Brother
Souls improvising, harmonious flow
Contact inspiring synergy’s glow
Kundalini rising through spines
Ambrosial nectar blossoming
On these vines, of our care
Fruits of the journey, yearning to share
Their sweet Truth
Flowing in eternal youth, of the Heart
I did not depart
Santosa, I remain
To the well of the Womb
Each breath returns again

Sat Nam

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