Purely Natural

In raw nature we are exposed only to purity, harmony and life as creation intended.  In darkness or in light, in birth or in death, nature is beautiful, balanced and full of vitality.

There is a time for blossoming with colour, for bearing fruit and for dancing wildly with the spirit of creation.  There is a time for pattern, ritual and rhythm, for sustained balance and spreading our wings wisely…..and there is time for restoration, for quiet reflection and regrounding to life’s bare foundations.

Our cycles turn hourly, daily, monthly, seasonally…..even the great eras of time follow such a path.  Rooted and wired into our very being, natural cycles and systems must be tuned into – inside to out, mind to body, spirit to place, home to garden, waking to sleep – for our well-being.

The body is a vehicle for the individual soul, enabling the diversity that comes with each unique perspective.  The cosmos is the vehicle for the collective, an explosion of potential.  We must nourish the body naturally and the mind wisely, to paint the cosmos in all its glory, from the inside out.


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